Revue XXI : the shop
100% unpublished, 0% advertising


Every quarter, talented people take you with them to understand today’s world. Weeks of work in the field… A surprising collection of images and encounters by writers, journalists, photojournalists and cartoonists.

100% unpublished, 0% advertising

A magazine distributed in bookshops and culture stores (Relay, Virgin, Fnac, Cultura…) that brings together all the talents of reportage: experienced novelists who love to tell the real story, talented journalists who know how to write 20 to 30 pages, photojournalists in the field and great cartoonists who want to confront reportage.

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Revue XXI
What we did

– Implementation and configuration of the e-commerce module (Thelia and Spip-Thelia – installation of CMS, plugins and database);

– Integration of payment methods (Paypal + CIC banking module);

– Calculation and customization of shipping costs and zones (national, European, international);

– Creation and launch of the catalog;

– Assistance in the implementation and creation of training tools for the management of the shop.

– HTML/CSS and SPIP integration of the shop carried out by Bruno Boudiguet – under the supervision of Quintin Leeds – on the basis of the technical data provided by Suwedi.

Project manager: Léna Mauger
HTML/CSS and SPIP integration: Bruno Boudiguet