Le Jouet enragé
El Juguete Rabioso

El Juguete Rabioso is an independent newspaper published every two weeks in Bolivia since 14 February 2000. The aim of its creation was to provide an intellectual front against the political and cultural consensus prevailing in the Bolivian media. Its birth coincided with the period of social struggles that led to the great historical and political changes that Bolivia is currently experiencing. This coincidence led to the beginning of a common path: El Juguete Rabioso was one of the few newspapers that opened its pages to these struggles, not only to publish them, but also to allow debate and reflection on them.

With a circulation of 10,000, one of the largest in Bolivia, El Juguete Rabioso played an important role in the electoral campaign that brought Evo Morales to the presidency. Not only did it distance itself from the dirty media war against the indigenous candidate, it unequivocally supported his candidacy. This support in no way meant that the newspaper lost its independence, as it refused to be the official organ of any power. The critical and irreverent spirit that has characterised it since its creation remains intact.

At the same time, we developed a series of projects in line with the objective we had set ourselves. Among other things, we took over the Bolivian version of Le Monde Diplomatique, opened the Malatesta publishing house and founded a social science magazine called Barataria. In November 2004, in Paris, we launched an international edition in Spanish of our Juguete Rabioso, in order to get closer to the Latin American community living in Europe. At the same time, we were also considering the idea of producing a French edition, in order to open up our distribution area to a wider public, but also to broaden our thematic horizons.

— El Juguete Rabioso

This idea became a reality with the launch of the monthly magazine Le Jouet enragé in September 2006. The aim of this new edition is to disseminate in Europe the journalistic and intellectual production of Bolivia and Latin America. Our contributors include such prestigious names as Raúl Zibechi (Uruguay), Lisandro Otero (Cuba), Ramón Chao (France), Alvaro García Linera (Vice-President of Bolivia), Ramón Rocha Monroy (Bolivia), Guadi Calvo (Argentina) and Mario Roberto Morales (Guatemala).

Publication Director : Fabien Augier

Coordinator : Sergio Cáceres

Signatures : Miguel Benasayag (France), Pablo Stefanoni (Bolivia), Guadi Calvo (Argentina), Mario Roberto Morales (Guatemala), Raúl Zibechi (Uruguay), Lisandro Otero (Cuba), Ramón Chao (France), Miguel Lora (Bolivia), Ramón Rocha Monroy (Bolivia), Alvaro García Linera (Bolivia), Michel Sitbon (France), Benito Pérez (Switzerland).

Translated and written by: Alex Bonadei, Anne-Fleur Delaistre, Jérôme Dufaur, Sarah Ilitch, Evelyn Miranda, Marjolaine Normier, Anne-Leila Ollivier

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