Kako Art
Promoting and supporting Caribbean Arts, Artists and Artisans

Founded in 1901, KAKO ART is dedicated to promoting the arts, Caribbean artists and craftsmen through various activities, shows and events.

Through its artistic action, it also wants to carry out a civic commitment which takes several dimensions:

Social and integration: the artistic production as a vector of remobilization of the public in a situation of social and professional exclusion, but also as a field of professionalization of talents in the making, with a view to a professional insertion on existing and developing markets (revaluation and requalification of public spaces, interior decoration, tourist art objects, etc.).

Territorial cultural development: The artistic dimension as an added cultural value to the public and private spaces invested (interior decoration, frescoes, urban sites, etc.), reinforcing in particular the historical and patrimonial dimension of the public spaces, thus promoting the knowledge and appropriation of their history by the population and an authentic tourist discovery.

Pedagogical: To involve as many people as possible in the practice of art in its various forms. Through initiation and awakening workshops, training, but also organized events, artistic practice is also a vector of exchange and social connection.

update: this site is no longer online.

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Kako Art
What we did

– Launching and creating the site architecture (CMS SPIP + database);
– Creation of the graphic charter (based on the visual identity of the association);
– Creation of contact forms and a newsletter;
– Implementation of several animations (CSS + Javascript);
– Implementation of a Flash image viewer (Multiviewer);
– Creating a Facebook page and Dailymotion account;