David Zeller
A gallery site for a sculptor : David Zeller.

This site was created using free technologies (Linux, PHP, MySQL).

The site works with the free software SPIP, in its version 2.0.8, distributed under GNU / GPL license.

The graphic design was co-developed with the artist.

David Zeller has created the Flexo, a plexiglass character, and proposes a new website dedicated to him: Zed.

Created ten years ago from scraps of Plexiglas recovered from industrial waste, Flexo has become the essential little man of the contemporary artistic landscape. Flexo embodies the human being in all its universality.

— ZED, mars 2022


David Zeller
What we did

– Use of a Flash viewer (for the galleries) and an alternative solution (Coolris) for the presentation in images of the workshop.

– Creation of a video gallery (creation of a “Motion Maker” account at Dailymotion and integration of the videos on the site).

– Creation of an intro page with a video in flv format and a flash player (swf) without borders.

– The site’s navigation bar is an adaptation of a free CSS menu provided by Stu Nicholls of CSS Play.

– Creation of a “News” section and a press book.

– Image editing.

– Creation of two newsletters by subscription.

– Creation of a guestbook.

– Training in the management of Spip and its various components (newsletters, guestbook, writing articles, integration of images in the galleries, integration of videos, ….) in order to allow the artist to manage his site in a completely autonomous way.