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Análise da gestão da COVID-19

  29/07 | Em Angola, a pandemia é a mãe da incompetência. No discurso do estado da nação, o

The mother of all failures

  29/07 | In Angola, the pandemic is the mother of incompetence. In his state of the nation speech,

Nighttime in Nairobi

  29/07 | As a child, one of my favorite Soukous songs was “Nairobi Night” by the Soukous Stars.

Postfeminism is only for wealthy Nigerian women

  29/07 | Simidele Dosekun’s new book, Fashioning Postfeminism: Spectacular Femininity and Transnational Culture, is about young, class-privileged (...)

What is Black Conservatism in South Africa

  29/07 | The last time South Africans had serious intellectual discussions about black conservatism was in the late

What is whiteness in North Africa ?

  28/07 | On the second day of Ramadan, in early May of 2019, the Doha-based television channel Libya

The longest shadow

27/07 | “I am going to leave this place while the leaving is good.”— South African writer Sol

On failed states and the pitfalls of Western commentary

27/07 | Why did a fairly obvious observation by two white American scholars about Nigeria being a failed


27/07 | Shoks Mzolo and Bongani Kona trace the path of South Africa’s transformation from a criminal apartheid state to a criminal neoliberal (...)

Beyond Politics

27/07 | A Conversation with Kiraitu Murungi - by Njeri Rugene

Mobilizing in disorder

26/07 | There has been much effort to try and characterize the nature of the unrest that has

When the spirits of the ancestors call you back

25/07 | On October 16, 1968, John Carlos and Tommie Smith dared to defy the International and US
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