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SUWEDI est une agence spécialisée dans la communication sur Internet et la gestion de l’information multimédia. De l’hébergement à la création de votre site internet en passant par la réalisation de votre cahier des charges et de votre charte graphique, nous vous proposons nos solutions et services numériques - autour de logiciels et d’applications Libres et Open Source - afin de vous aider dans la (...)

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Installation sécurisé de Wordpress sur votre serveur Configuration de Wordpress et de votre site Installation et configuration des outils de sécurité Installation des pages légales Installation et (...)

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L’installation complète de votre site SPIP avec le modèle Suwedi Template. Votre site internet clé en main en une journée ! Une fois cette prestation effectuée, votre site est en ligne et pleinement (...)

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Votre site SPIP personnalisé : Intégration complète avec SPIP d’un site Internet Intégration du terme graphique d’un site Internet avec le gestionnaire de contenu SPIP. Le modèle HTML (ou modèle (...)

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 Suwedi Mediarezo

Suwedi est une agence de création de sites internet et de contenus. est également un "Mediarezo". Encore en phase de test, il référencera de nombreux sites, classés par thématiques et (...)
 Mediarezo : un site d’information participatif


May’s last bid to salvage Brexit deal now at risk

London, Thursday British Prime Minister Theresa May’s (pictured) final bid to salvage her EU divorce deal appeared doomed on Wednesday (...)

Western nations urge swift Sudan deal

Khartoum, Wednesday The United States, Britain and Norway called for a swift agreement between Sudanese protesters and generals on (...)

Kaa Sober beneficiaries venture into pig rearing

Mathew Ndung’u and Robert Ochoro ⓐPeopleDailyKe A group of recovering alcoholics has ventured into small-scale pig farming in Gatundu (...)

Insurer raises red flag over fraudsters

George Kebaso ⓐMorarak The National Hospital Insurance Fund has not appointed any individual or groups to collect money on its behalf. (...)

Seized Chinese vessels were not licensed, says KMA boss

Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA) says two Chinese vessels that were seized by a multi-agency security team at Ungama Bay in Malindi were (...)

Study links teen depression to neglect, abuse

George Kebaso ⓐMorarak Adolescent violence and depression have now been linked to childhood adversities. A new global study conducted in (...)

SA's 6th Parliament : Protesters remind MPs of the impact of (...)

Groups of protesters gathered outside the gates of parliament to highlight the consequences of crime and state capture – some of them (...)

Business Maverick : Can Eskom prove the markets wrong (...)

With the markets already pricing in a pessimistic outcome for the Eskom energy crisis, even a small improvement in the electricity (...)

GroundUp : Wage negotiations deadlocked on Grabouw Farm at centre (...)

Oak Valley has obtained an interdict against protesting workers. By Ashraf Hendricks for GroundUp

2019 ELECTIONS AFTERMATH : Winde officially becomes Western Cape (...)

Members of the Western Cape legislature were sworn in on Wednesday morning, and as expected Alan Winde was sworn in as premier – but not (...)

City Finances : City of Joburg critical of Eskom in budget (...)

The City of Johannesburg’s multi-party government on Wednesday tabled its budget of R64.5 billion for the 2019/20 financial year with a (...)

VIDEO : What is it all about ? Join the Zabalaza Anarchist (...)


Isi yawe igarukira aho imbago z'isambu yawe zishinze - Visi (...)

Umuyobozi wungirije w'akarere ka Gasabo, avuga ko ubutaka bwa benshi mu baturage (agereranya n'isi yabo) ngo bwamaze kuzura. (...)

Thrombosis : Indwara imaze guhitana batanu mu Rwanda muri uyu (...)

Ashimwe Christine watorewe kuba umunyamuryango wa komite yo kurwanya indwara yo kuvura gukabije kw'amaraso izwi nka (...)

PSF, MTN Rwanda Forge Partnership to Scale Up Adoption of (...)

[New Times] The Private Sector Federation (PSF) and MTN Rwanda, have entered a partnership aiming at increased digital user-friendly (...)

Rayon Sports icakiranye na AS Kigali muri Tombola y'igikombe (...)

Muri Tombola imaze kubera kuri Ferwafa, Rayon Sports yatomboye ikipe ya AS Kigali ku munsi wa mbere w'igikombe cy'Amahoro - (...)

Dosiye ya Nsabimana Callixte “Sankara” yagejejwe mu rukiko #Rwanda (...)

Ubushinjacyaha bw'u Rwanda buravuga ko bwohereje mu rukiko dosiye ikubiyemo ibyaha Nsabimana Callixte “Sankara” aregwa. - Imanza / KT (...)

Minister Shyaka - Change in Kigali City Structure Will Speed Up (...)

[New Times] The proposal to scrap the legal personality for all the three districts of the City of Kigali will not undermine district (...)

Eurasia : Governo fica mais confortável com extradição só depois das (...)

Analistas admitem que EUA recorra da extradição de Chang para Maputo O diretor da consultora Eurasia, Darias Jonker, considera que a (...)

Moçambique/Dívidas ocultas : Ex-bastonário da Ordem da Advogados (...)

O ex-bastonário da Ordem dos Advogados de Moçambique (OAM) Gilberto Correia manifestou hoje "perplexidade" com a decisão do (...)

Intervenção sobre a CGE 2017 do deputado Fernando Bismarque(MDM) na (...)

Sua Excelência Senhora Presidente da Assembleia da República Todo Protocolo Observado Solicitei a palavra para intervir neste debate em (...)

Mais um caso para a gaveta do esquecimento ?


Zimbabwe, Botswana e Namíbia querem poder voltar a vender (...)

Países têm toneladas de marfim em bruto acumulado, fruto de anos de proibição. O Zimbabwe, o Botswana e a Namíbia vão pedir o fim das (...)

Procurador dos EUA no caso das dívidas ocultas passa para empresa (...)

O principal procurador da investigação dos Estados Unidos no caso das dívidas ocultas de Moçambique foi contratado em Abril como advogado (...)

Uganda airlines, climate change affected teacher salaries - (...)

Three days into the nationwide teacher’s strike, government has asked teachers to return to classes, saying there is no money. Today, (...)

Singer Tip Swizzy splits with his manager

By Musa Ssemwanga Nicholas Mugerwa aka Tip Swizzy came to fame after his collaboration song ‘Bolingo’ which featured Eddy Kenzo. Years (...)

Oulanyah Urges Auditors to Fight Corruption

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad (...)

Oulanyah urges Auditors to fight corruption

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, has appealed to auditors to use their profession to fight embezzlement of funds and (...)

Traffic to be diverted as construction of the Kampala Flyover (...)

Traffic in Kampala will be diverted for the next ten to twenty days as construction on the Kampala flyover starts. The Kampala Flyover (...)

Muntu unveils his new ANT party leadership

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Gen Gregory Mugisha Muntu has today officially unveiled his newly formed political (...)

Week of mourning as four top public figures pass on

Dar es Salaam. It has been a week of sorrow in in the country after four high profile figures died, sending the nation into (...)

Create plastic bags dump sites, authorities ordered

Dar es Salaam. Public dump sites for plastic bags should be created as the ban on their use approaches, the government has (...)

TTCL reveals why it needs Sh1.7 trillion

Dar es Salaam. State-owned telco, Tanzania Telecommunications Corporation (TTCL), needs Sh1.77 trillion in capital injection to fund (...)

How TZ is battling fall armyworms

Dar es Salaam. The Tropical Pesticide Research Institute (TPRI) has come up with a technology that is specifically meant to control the (...)

LHRC : 385 killed in mob violence

Dar es Salaam. An average of 65 people were killed by angry mobs each month accross mainland Tanzania from January to June last year, (...)

Ministry drops 10 levies on milk, meat

Dodoma. The government is scrapping off 10 different fees and charges on milk production, transportation and marketing, as well as on (...)
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La justice de l'UE annule le remboursementpar le Real (...)

La Commission européenne n'a "pas pris en considération tous les éléments de l'opération litigieuse et de son contexte" et (...)

Services bancaires : excès de liquidités, véritable casse-tête pour (...)

Rien que pour l’année financière 2017-2018, l’excès de liquidités a fait perdre Rs 587 millions à la Banque centrale. Véritable casse-tête (...)

Cent millions de dollars d'appui budgétaire pour (...)

Le financement étranger coule à flots pour le régime actuel. Dans un communiqué publié hier, la Banque mondiale annonce un financement (...)

Madagascar : beaucoup moins de candidats aux législatives cette (...)

Le scénario était prévisible : mardi 12 mars 2019 à 17h, l'heure limite pour déposer son dossier de participation aux législatives (...)

Kasaï : le financement des élections locales et municipales (...)

Après la nomination du nouveau premier ministre de la RD Congo, la Nouvelle société civile congolaise (NSCC) du Kasaï, demande au premier (...)

Macadamia : Cette plante en train de révolutionner la vie des (...)

Importé du Kenya, le macadamia est de plus en plus cultivé à Kayanza et à Ngozi. Double vertu : une source de revenus et un médicament pour (...)

Justin Omokala sur les accusations contre Mende : « Basile Olongo (...)

Justin Omokala, député provincial élu du Sankuru et porte-parole de Lambert Mende estime, dans une interview à Radio Okapi que le ministre (...)

Kagame a Musanze sur le lieu de ses promesses de developpement de (...)

Redigé par Igihe Le 10 mai 2019 Le lieu des promesses formulees, c’est ce terrain de football de Busogo au campus universitaire de (...)

Discussion : décolonisation de l'histoire rwandaise (Kigali, (...)

Invitation L'équipe des Éditions Izuba et celle d'Iriba center seraient heureuses de vous retrouver le Vendredi 22 février à (...)

Elections du 30 décembre 2018 : les Jeunes de l’ECIDE mettent en (...)

La coordination nationale de la ligue des Jeunes de l’Engagement Citoyen pour le Développement, ECIDE, n’est pas passée par quatre chemins (...)

Tableau's latest release steps up mapping game

Release 2019.2 of Tableau represents an overhaul of the company's underlying mapping technology. Location and geospatial data is (...)

Un compte Twitter à la gloire des footballeurs mal habillés

Jeans aux coupes douteuses, imprimés des nineties, claquettes… Badly dressed footballers tweete les plus belles fautes de goût des (...)

Robots, ces machines incomprises

Qu’est-ce qu’un robot ? De quoi est-il capable aujourd’hui ? Et demain saura-t-il prendre des décisions en totale autonomie ? Éléments de (...)

Agriculture : l’Afrique aussi se tourne vers le numérique

Des start-up mettent à la disposition des agriculteurs du continent Noir, très connectés, des services en ligne avec, par exemple, des (...)

Produire des données pour la recherche en jouant aux zombies

La qualité des applications d’analyse des langues dépend très largement de la quantité et de la qualité des ressources langagières utilisées (...)

12 | 2018 – Enseignement(s) numérique(s) : entre utopie (...)

Ontologiquement, la pédagogie relève d’une aporie, elle-même fruit de la communication qui relie les individus entre eux sous la forme (...)

Achievements, challenges and a way forward for Tanzania (...)

The country, United Republic of Tanzania commemorated a major national event which is the 55th anniversary of the Union between (...)

Journalist sues agric firm for breach of contract

HWedza farmer and NewsDay senior journalist Tawanda Tafirenyika, has taken Life Brand Agric Services (Pvt) Ltd to court seeking over (...)

Somalia minister, lawmakers denied entry into Kenya

They had diplomatic passports but were told they should have gotten visas in Mogadishu.

South Africa has a new presidential advisory unit. Will it (...)

President Cyril Ramaphosa has revived a presidential advisory unit shut down by his predecessor. He needs it if he is to use his power (...)

The mobile phone nightmare to Kenyan parents


Cyclone Kenneth : at least five dead as heavy rain lashes (...)

Experts say storm could move back out to sea and intensify again, as water levels rise Mozambique’s government urged many people to seek (...)

Os olhares de Catarina - novos trabalhadores rurais do Alentejo : (...)

Filipe Nunes Do outro lado, a milhares de quilómetros, estará uma voz familiar e uma condição de miséria que a levou a atravessar meio mundo (...)

Venda de ações de Cahora Bassa pode ser "lufada de ar (...)

Operação para vender ao público 7,5% das ações da barragem de Cahora Bassa é bem acolhida por cidadãos ouvidos pela DW. Comprar ações não será (...)

Inspecção Geral do Trabalho suspende dois Inspectores da província (...)

O Ministério do Trabalho, Emprego e Segurança Social (MITESS), através da Inspecção Geral do Trabalho (IGT) na sequência de denúncias (...)

Papa aprova visitas para contestado santuário na Bósnia

Segundo o Vaticano, o Papa Francisco aprovou peregrinações para Medjugorje, uma vila na Bósnia envolta em controvérsas sobre se a Virgem (...)

Moçambique : PGR critica ausência de resposta dos Estados (...)

A Procuradora Geral da República de Moçambique revelou que a lentidão na disponibilização de informação solicitada aos Estados Unidos da (...)

Reabilitação de hospitais melhora atendimento em Cabinda

Cabinda - A reabilitação, apetrechamento e formação de quadros está a contribuir na melhoria do processo de atendimento de pacientes nas (...)

 Azgo Festival 2016

Azgo Festival 2016
AZGO est un festival de la musique contemporaine, avec un fort accent sur les arts, la culture et les artistes du Mozambique, le continent africain et le monde. Depuis 2011, AZGO a invité des (...)

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