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SUWEDI is a company dedicated to web communication and multimedia information management.

From the hosting to the entire creation of your website, through the realization of your graphic charter, visual identity and branding, we offer our digital solutions and services - build around Free and Open Source software and applications - to assist you in the success of your online communication.


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Our priority is to help you identify your needs, meet your expectations and implement the best solutions to provide you with an online experience that meets your objectives: to attract new customers and prospects, to sell - without intermediaries - your products and services, to increase your visibility and awareness, or to put in place solutions and methods that will make you more productive and efficient.

Suwedi.com is also a Mediarezo: Suwedi Info

Suwedi is also a "Mediarezo", a free platform for information exchange.

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 SUWEDI automatically refers 475 websites (20000 referenced arts.)

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